Top Commitment

Top Commitment


To preserve the global environment sustainably, we must address global issues such as climate change, food and water shortages, sustainability of energy and resources, and safety and health concerns.
Responses are urgent, and we face many challenges that must be resolved. As shown in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Paris Agreement, the goals and challenges for the future are clear. Our business, which uses paper as main material, aim to use renewable wood resources sustainably. This method will lead to building a recycling-oriented society that is friendly to the global environment.

Dixie Japan has a corporate philosophy of "Value customers, Challenges, and “Passing Compassion”. It is our company's commitment to contribute to society by providing essential solutions to these issues through the creation of new values.

In July 2022, we established "CSV Committee" to accelerate and promote activities across Dixie Japan to address the challenges. The Committee was established to the following 4 corporate visions to formulate a policy for its activities.

1. Enrich the lives of people as a paper container manufacturer
2. Protect the richness of the environment toward sustainable global environmental protection
3. Continue to take on challenges and hand over compassion in the workplace
4. Aim to be a company needed by the world

CSV is positioned as one of our top management priorities, and we have formulated "monitoring items" to manage and supervise throughout the year in order to resolve issues. We will promote the management strategy and CSV will continue to embody our corporate philosophy, which has been inherited since our founding.


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